winter salad

Daikon Winter Salad; courtesy of the Conservatorium Hotel

With courtesy of Schilo van Coevorden – Taiko | Conservatorium Hotel: Daikon winter salad with Ginger dressing. Good strengthening foods for the winter season include miso, a salty soy bouillon. This winter salad with ingredients like daikon – winter radish -, ginger and soy is perfect for the season where our nose is still running and which will warm our metabolism.

winter salad

Daikon winter Salad with Ginger Dressing Recipe

Young shredded daikon radishes are often used in sushi, but their light, crunchy, slightly spicy flavor is a unique addition to many other dishes. Schilo, the chef of Taiko, restaurant of Conservatorium Hotel, created this amazing winter salad with Daikon. With courtesy of Schilo, please find here the recipe:

Daikon roll
1 daikon
4 bunches of enoki
2 small boxes of daikon cress
1 ripe avocado
100 g preserved daikon
100 g preserved ginger
4 bunches lamb’s lettuce
4 Thai chives

50 g grated root ginger
300 g daikon
2 cloves of garlic
6 tablespoons soy sauce
50 g shallots
3 tablespoons sushi vinegar

winter salad

Daikon roll
Peel the daikon. Using a vegetable or potato peeler, cut slices lengthwise. Arrange 2 of these long slices per person on a work surface alongside each other like a bar. The bars have to overlap each other by about 3 centimeters.
Cut the ends of the enoki off straight. Put the enoki at the beginning point of the daikon bars.
Put a few sprigs of daikon cress next to the enoki.
Peel the avocado, remove the stone and cut the flesh into thin slices.
Put 2 slices of avocado half on top of the daikon cress.
Put the preserved daikon and the preserved ginger on the avocado.
Sprinkle a few leaves of lamb’s lettuce over this.
Blanch 4 chives very briefly in boiling water.
Roll the daikon slices very tightly round the filling. Tie up each small roll with a chive. With a sharp knife trim the bottom end of the daikon roll.
Mix all ingredients for the dressing in a food processor.
To finish
Pour a little dressing on each plate and put the daikon roll in the middle.

winter salad
winter salad

Taiko is the hotel’s Chef Executive, Schilo Van Coevorden’s Asian-inspired restaurant of the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. For some time Schilo’s Asian-inspired tapas at Tunes Bar have been wowing international guests and locals alike. A chef at the height of his creativity, Schilo is not content simply to seduce. Beauty, flavour, aroma and texture are the instruments he uses to enchant every sense. And now he has refined and expanded his hugely popular concept, taking it out of the bar into the hotel’s leading restaurant.

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