New trend Anti- Authenticity

We believe that we are healthier and happier if we embrace a little bit of vice. Feelings of guilt can make our temptations feel even more seductive. One of the things we at Consuming Passions try to do, is not take all things so seriously. Especially regarding the craziness of food and nutritional hypes. So what about the ‘Authenticity’ Trend?

Trends and insight network LS:N Global¹ talks about the authenticity bubble which is about to burst. It is a bubble that brands, creative agencies, marketers and strategists have been living in for the past five years. We still do look for craft and authenticity but brands have diluted the meaning. Craft is a word that used to mean something. It meant an activity that involved a skill using your hands.

At Consuming Passions we still believe that it is something we keep looking for and embrace it as it it still out there. See our articles on Sausages and de Pasteibakkerij.

But is also good to see that some brands are not taking themselves so seriously. LS:N Global give this great example we love to share with you how brands are thinking beyond the current brand lexicon:


When you are able to laugh at your own product and still create something nice, we like that!

Dutch Anti Authenticity Marketing

And of course it is not just the brands abroad; we have here for example John Altman cookies and popcorn – 100% good, not perfect. Or “Power to the Pieper”. Their products are marketed with humour and with a sense of relativism.

¹LS:N Global is a trends and insight network that plugs you into what is new, next and innovative in consumer needs and lifestyle behaviour.

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