In today’s world sex seems to be the new sleeping, meditation the new massage, nutrition the new medicine, working out the new going out and health the new luxury. We want to work in companies that have a culture of wellness and wellbeing. Live and stay in places where we can be and stay healthy; places that give us energy and make us experience a sense of community.

We want to buy and consume clean food or grow them in our back yard or rooftop. We know that only they have the power to let us be healthy. We understand that beauty doesn’t come from a jar or a syringe but has everything to do with the way we take care of ourselves. In the mean time Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness go mainstream and we feel the desire to escape from all the unprecedented stress, digital connection and noise.

We look for quit, simple and authentic spots instead of the often exotic and facility driven spas and resorts. For hotels wellness is no longer an amenity but a necessity; we want to stay healthy also when we travel. Hardcore dance festivals transform to wellness festivals and integrative medicine centers are finding their way into big hotel chains.

At the other side of the spectrum we see an epidemic of lifestyle related chronic diseases; Obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer and depression are increasing in frightening numbers. A lot of the conventional approaches to these chronic illnesses are failing, even in the most advanced nations of the world and at the same time medical spending continues to increase.

Research demonstrates that most of these diseases –and their costs in suffering and euro’s – can be avoided by a preventive wellness approach like changing to a healthier diet, increasing physical activity, reducing stress levels etc. We need to change from a reactive approach, from trying to fix our health problems, to a more proactive and holistic approach to prevent the root causes of these chronic illnesses. And that is what Wellness is all about; prevention.

We at Consuming Passions consider Wellness as the best preventive medicine!