Dutch Pekel & Pickles Sandwich

Dutch Pekel & Pickles Sandwich

Lunch with a very tasty Dutch sandwich? We like to introduce you to our Pekel & Pickles Sandwich which is listed as one of the favorites of Consuming Passions. We love to eat in with a delicious artisan brewed Dutch beer.

Dutch Pekel & Pickles Sandwich

ingredients for pekel and pickles sandwich

• 4 Thick slices of sourdough bread

For this typically Dutch sandwich we use Pain de Mer from the ‘Speltbakkers’ in Zeeland. We are totally hooked up to this sourdough bread made with refined salty seawater from the National Park ‘De Oosterschelde’. How special is that! Moreover, it contains only natural ingredients such as wheat flour, rye flour, sea juice and fresh sea fruit that give the bread a mild salty flavor.

• ‘Pekelvlees’ (Salted Meat) – Ask your butcher to cut little thicker slices of the salted meat then they usually do, it’s nice to warm the meat a little bit; just in frying pan.

• Mustard Piccalilly
• Sauerkraut
• Pickles

Put some piccalilly mustard on the bread together with some sauerkraut and add the warm slices of the warm salted meat.

If you have a chance, buy the piccalilly mustard, sauerkraut and pickles from de Leeuw, they are so good! You can buy them in specialized fish shops and if you live in Amsterdam and surrounding; buy it fresh from the barrel in the shop of de Leeuw. Always a treat to go there! Eet smakelijk!

Dutch Pekel & Pickles Sandwich
Dutch Pekel & Pickles SandwichDutch Pekel & Pickles Sandwich

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